Where is Adelaide's Best Burger

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Posted 2011-09-08 by Natasha Stewartfollow

Some might think a burger only relies on a bun and a patty, but here at Weekend Notes we know it takes a lot more. There are some brilliant burger connoisseurs all over Adelaide who are creating innovative burgers that are packed full of flavour. We've got an idea of where you can find some tasty ones, but you'll have to fill in the blanks. So help us find Adelaide's best burger.

Burger Theory are quickly making a name for themselves as one of Adelaide's best burger joints, and burger theory aren't even technically a joint. The Burger Theory van can be found at locations all over Adelaide, during events, and on weekends. They might only have two burger options, but both of them are so tasty that they deserve a huge recommendation. People from all over Adelaide line up for hours for a Burger Theory burger, and they could easily be the best.

Another name that is hot on many people's lips is Burger Foundry . Choose from their delicious menu and watch your burger made fresh before your eyes. Try the Jamaican Jerk with a spicy Caribbean seasoned char grilled thigh fillet, greens, tomato, and mango salsa, or the Texan Madness with a char-grilled beef burger, smokey barbecue sauce, greens, bacon, tomato salsa, grilled jalapeƱos, and cheese.

Fish Out of Water also do an interesting burger. You can choose between fish fillet, salmon, beef, chicken, and more. Their Vicious Burgers are the highlight of their menu, with jarlsberg or bocconcini, marinated eggplant, chargrilled capsicum, sundried tomatoes, kalamata olives, fresh lettuce, and sweet chilli sauce. These burgers are huge, so make sure you've got a big appetite.

There are so many other great burgers on offer. The Lion Hotel is often touted as having some great tasting ones, and so many Adelaide pubs serve up a tasty meal. So which Adelaide burger is the best? Whether it is a burger with a lot, or a new creation you've never seen before. We want to know what is on it, and why it tastes so good. Give us your opinion, and help us find Adelaide's best burger.

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