3 of Adelaide's Best Springtime Beverages

3 of Adelaide's Best Springtime Beverages


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Spring is the time of year when people can come out of hibernation and enjoy being out of the house. Without the bitter cold of winter nor the scorching heat of summer, it is the ideal time to enjoy all the best that Adelaide's dessert and beverage spots have to offer.

Strawberries and Cream Frappe @ Bracegirdles House of Fine Chocolate

This fruit-flavoured frappe is an icy delight available from one of Adelaide's most celebrated chocolate houses. It manages to blend strong flavours of sweet strawberries and creamy ice cream that is ideal for the warm springtime weather.

Additionally, as this iced beverage does not feature Bracegirdles' signature ingredient, chocolate, it makes the perfect choice to branch out and expends your tastes. Also, as the weather warms up, moving away from warm chocolate should be easier than you would first think.

Lemon and Earl Grey Iced Tea @ Argo

If you enjoy a good cup of tea, but would rather enjoy a cool drink the weather starts heating up, an iced tea from Argo's may be worth sampling. There are three variants on offer, with Lemon and Earl Grey pictured above. The iced tea is brilliantly presented in a tall glass filled with chunks of ice that further cool the already chilled drink.

This tea would suit anybody who is searching for a beverage that will calm and cool the palate while steering clear of milky drinks. It also has an authentic 'Earl Grey' tea taste that any tea drinker will enjoy, and features a splash of lemon that adds an extra element to the drink.

Chai Latte @ T bar

Finally, for those still seeking out a warm drink during the Spring, T bar's chai latte is a great choice. Available in two variants, made with syrup or genuine tea leaves, this take on chai will please just about any patron.

The syrup version features an almost honey-like taste that provides drinkers with a sweet sensation that is sure to please. Meanwhile, the tea leaf version has much more subtle taste that is suited to tea drinkers rather than sweet tooths.

A final word: These are just three beverages that suit springtime dining, if you have any other great ideas for the perfect Springtime drink, please share your thoughts and leave a comment.

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