The Acacia Ridge Hotel

The Acacia Ridge Hotel


Posted 2013-10-13 by Andrea Stratisfollow
If river views, trendy eateries and being seen aren't your greatest concern, the Acacia Ridge Hotel could well be the hidden gem of stylish, great tasting food.

On a recent Sunday drive my partner and I stumbled across the Acacia Ridge Hotel en route to a country, pub lunch in Beaudesert.

Having been on the road for 1 hour with a whiny toddler in toe, we chanced upon the Acacia Ridge Hotel and decided the criteria for our Beaudesert country pub lunch had thus been met. We were in Beaudesert (road) in the vicinity of a hotel, now serving lunch.

A big plus was the hassle free car park which quickly led us to the bistro; a friendly and inviting open space where my toddler discovered the 'Kid's Corner' brimming with toys plus all manner of child- friendly things and within close range of the dining area.

This allowed my partner and I a chance to peruse the menu properly while keeping a lookout on my little girl's activities.

And peruse we did. With entrees ranging from the classic garlic pizza crust to the more intriguing pork and chive dumpling with soy and worcestershire sauce and panko crusted calamari, I joined my partner in salivating over the choices.

We finally decided to forgo the entrees and opt for a main course and dessert (a cake cabinet brimming with spectacular looking sweet things caught my eye as we came in).

Embracing a new 'meat free' identity, my partner ordered the teriyaki salmon with green beans, crushed potato, lime, soy and pickle daikon ($23.90) while encouraging me to also go down the 'meat alternative' route. I was tempted, and came close to ordering the garlic black tiger king prawns with brandy sauce, jasmine rice and fresh garden salad ($22.90) but in a last minute act of rebellion, I decided that a pub lunch would not be right without a steak. I guiltily ordered the char grilled rib eye with peppercorn sauce, chips and veg ($23.90) while avoiding my partner's horrified look.

Our little cherub had the kids' lasagne & chips ($7.95) which the friendly waitress told us would arrive first so our little one could get the eating business out of the way and resume block stacking activities, leaving my partner and I to enjoy our lunch in peace.

Our meals arrived shortly after and were, simply put, spectacular. The warmth and attention to detail presented in the food defied what one would expect from a pub outside of the 'trendy' inner city belt.

My partner's salmon was tender and pink with the pickled daikon adding a fragrant accompaniment to the dish. The plate was bursting with colour and the sides turned the light fillet into a hearty meal.

My steak was perfectly cooked (medium rare) and the peppercorn sauce was earthy and rich. Even our little girl's lasagne was artfully presented; bursting with chunks of tomatoey mince and b├ęchamel sauce.

Having cleaned my plate and my daughter's leftovers I didn't think there could be room for more, however, true to our word, my partner and I followed our mains with dessert.

A caramel cheesecake beckoned from the cake cabinet and we enjoyed this with vanilla ice cream and cream, of course.

With a pleasant, laid back feel and an impressive lunch menu the Acacia Ridge Hotel will be seeing more of us on our next 'country drive'.

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