Absolutely Famished - The Future of Food

Absolutely Famished - The Future of Food


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Wed 20 Jul 2016 - Fri 26 Aug 2016

Absolutely Famished is a six-month project exploring what the consumer may encounter in the 22nd century marketplace. Curated by the University of Melbourne's Carlton Connect Initiative (CCI) LAB-14 the project brings together scientists, food researchers and artists.

The project aims to push the limits of edibility, and considers the role of technology and culture in future food trends. Robot farmers, lab-synthesised and 3D-printed food, post-apocalyptic dining, and the future of agri-culture are all on the table.

The first exhibition in the series, opening on 20th July, is Inheritance by Anna Madeleine, exploring current food culture that is in danger of becoming extinct because of climate change and considering what will remain for generations to come.

The exhibition includes three collections of work. Fool's Gold is a series of hand-made paper structures that portray sheets of empty honeycomb. The rapid decline of bees will jeopordise the pollination of a large proportion of the world's crops and plants. These works all imagine a world where current food sources have disappeared, are significantly modified, or completely replaced.

Seeds features short stop-motion animations of almond, apple, cacao, chickpea, coffee, cotton, grapevine and walnut seedlings – all endangered because of climate change. The series considers genetic modification of produce and possibilities for the future of crops with the aid of technology.

Bone Dry includes a series of cuttlefish bones collected on the wilderness east coast of Australia, referencing the general decline of ocean life due to rising water temperatures and highlighting cuttlefish and jellyfish as a more sustainable food choice.

Curating the program for Absolutely Famished, CCI's Dr Renee Beale said: "The project invites the community to join in the conversation through a program of exhibitions, creative events, and dining experiences. We're bringing together art, science, research and conversations to engage audiences in how we might solve challenges, generate ideas, and shape the food of the future".

Inheritance runs from 21st July to 26th August 2016, at the LAB-14 Gallery, 700 Swanston Street, Carlton. Gallery hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 9am - 5pm, Wednesday: 9am - 6pm. Free entry.

For the opening of Inheritance, Sophie Lamond (co-founder of the Fair Food Challenge ) will provide post-apocalyptic themed canapés, inviting eaters to taste what might be on their plates in a world where the climate has changed, the bees are gone, biodiversity is dwindling and trade deals have collapsed. Opening night is 6-8pm on Wednesday 20th July. Attendance is free, but bookings are essential. Please click here to book your place.

Sophie will also present a Fair Food on Campus Workshop on 12th August in conjunction with University of Melbourne sustainability experts. Other upcoming events include exhibitions with Pierre Proske, and the Hotham Street Ladies, as well as a food performance immersing all the senses featuring artist David Sequeira, neuropsychologist Dr Simon Cropper and musician Luke Howard. For more information, go to the website .

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