A Walk Around Makarska

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Posted 2016-10-21 by Bobfollow
Makarska is a picture perfect town on Croatia's coast and it is famous for its quaint Makarska Riviera beaches and the unrivalled nightlife. The town is home to fifteen thousand people and is tucked away under the Biokovo Mountain that towers 2000m over the beautiful Makarska coastline.

It is the centre of tourism in the larger Makarska Riviera area and also acts as the centre for education and culture. Its good climate, wonderful nature, hospitable people and tourist attractions galore have made it one of the most popular destinations and most sought out after along the Croatian coast. The villages around it are also quite beautiful; Puharich, Kotsina, Veliko Brdo and Makar, which is the source of the name Makarska.

The mountain is a nature lover's paradise and it consists of thousands of species of unique plant life and as many animal species too. The excursion site makes an unforgettable experience and the view from the peaks is breathtaking. With a guide or native on board it is a measly thirty minute drive through the beautiful nature park to the peak.

The sights are not all up the mountain, though, there is an educational city museum, but the most famous museum in the town is the shell museum that is home to three thousand shells that are collected from seas all over the world and from the Adriatic sea.

The pebble beaches are also ever calm and clean and the temperatures are favourable for a dip. The water does not experience high tides so they are safe for children too. The beach is also beautiful at night and hosts a lot of activities and ensures the nightlife in Makarska is not boring at all.

For the activity craving tourist this blissful oasis will be your heaven on earth. Makarska is home to a lot of fields that are used for various sports. The Osejava neighbourhood that hosts the sport complex sport ski centre has basketball courts, tennis courts, rugby fields and soccer fields too. The last couple of years have seen a demand for extreme sports among tourists so locals made an extreme hiking, paragliding, mountain biking, windsurfing and parasailing a major drawing factor in the town.

It is a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of loud towns and pollution. The old town ambiance is completed by a bike sharing system that the town uses where people use bikes to get around and lessen the need for automobiles. There are stations where you can rent out the bikes for a small fee and then dock them at another station after you are done. The air is so clean and refreshing at Makarska and this is one of the ways they ensure this does not change.

Accommodation in the quaint town is also top notch and cuts across the divide for all the visitors. Prices are varied and competitive while staying reasonable. There is an array of 5 star hotels and private accommodation that includes apartment in the Makarska area that are popular among tourists who have families with them.

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