A Short Tour of Austria- with Food, History, and Snow

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Posted 2017-03-16 by Sarah Henschkefollow
This would be my first time in Austria. Certainly will not be my last. Despite sharing a similar name to my home country Australia, there are many contrasts between the two.

Whether you're travelling to the capital Vienna for their delectable array of food, the rich history of their buildings, a night out in their vibrant city, or merely looking for some fun in the snow- Austria is the place to go.

I started my trip in the Austrian Alps, on the mountain called Damüls Skipiste, which is home to many frequent skiers, snowboarders, and sled riders. I myself, took a go at the sled, because the other two aren't my strong suit. Turns out, sled riding was also not a strong skill of mine!

Riding the ski lift to the top of the mountain was absolutely breathtaking. Just riding it alone is enough. Once on the mountain, the day is yours to take in the surroundings, make a snow angel, fall over in the snow, repeatedly, but to enjoy the tranquillity of this beautiful landscape. Just be sure to pack your snow gear!

If the city life is more your thing, then next stop is Vienna. After my visit there, I would have to say it is the capital of the best ever falafel. The Naschmarkt is the most famous of the markets, boasting countless food stalls, bars, and flea markets.

The view from the top of St. Stephens Cathedral is very much worth the climb. From up there the whole city stretches out in the palm of your hand. Vienna is home to many museums including the Naturhistorisches (Natural history) and the Technisches (Technical). While you're there, take a tour of the Schönbrunn Palace which was once home to the Habsburg monarchs.

Lastly, during the cold months, outside Vienna's city hall, an outdoor ski rink is in place, weaving its way around the square, proving to be very popular with the people. Food stalls are set around serving up traditional Austrian cuisine, which is perfect to warm up on those cold nights.

So come on and visit Vienna for yourself. Amidst the local bars and classy cafes, there is much to see and to get lost, in this bustling city.

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