A Nightmare on Elm Street - Film Review

A Nightmare on Elm Street - Film Review


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Even with its six sequels, remake, toys, clothing, comics, books and television series; after twenty nine years, A Nightmare on Elm Street still stands just as profusely imaginative, and creepy as it once was.

What do we do when someone is after us? We run to safety, call the police, anything we can possibly do to save our own lives; but what happens when we're asleep? A Nightmare on Elm Street follows the life of Nancy Thompson, along with her friends; Tina Grey, Rod Lane, and Glen Lantz; as they are tormented in their dreams, each by the same, clawed, sadistic figure, Freddy Krueger. After a number of encounters with this gruesome character, more people begin to die in their sleep, and the group soon discovers more about this mysterious menace, which simply leaves more questions.

I understand that a crazed psychopath relentlessly slaughtering stereotypical teenagers can often be regarded as, a severe lack of creativity. However like with a majority of Wes Craven's conceptions; this is a tale with the same basis for many prime horror films, but with an added wave of vivid originality.

After several Saw and Friday the 13th features, how many different ways can you think of for an on screen murder? Sadly for all us cinematic gore hounds, the range is usually rather limited, especially when trying to create a "somewhat" believable premise. How people can die in a dream is not constrained by the laws of physics, or any other obvious logic; but only by a writer's imagination, and in this case, a limited budget. Sure some of the film's effects are rather dated, but as the writer and director, Wes Craven works well with the time, and seizes this twisted dream realm to the best of his ability.

Not only are the creative aspects of this feature astounding, but praise should also go to the strong cast performance, which is nothing short of first-class. The acting isn't exactly Oscar worthy, but then again, this isn't the sort of film that the Academy looks for.

In particular, Robert Englund delivers a momentous achievement, as the infamous child killer, Freddy Krueger. Whilst bringing more life, to the usual unruly, silent killer stereotype.

Why no one had ever embarked on this idea before Wes is beyond me; but what he did create is one of the most whimsical, sinister, and iconic entries, into the ever-popular "slasher" genre. After you see this, you won't mind Halloween, Valentines Day, or unsuspecting abandoned cabins; but you'll stay up all night, trying not to fall asleep.


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