A Matter of Life and Death - The Owl and Cat Theatre

A Matter of Life and Death - The Owl and Cat Theatre


Posted 2017-04-28 by Svetlana Tishchenkofollow

Tue 25 Apr 2017 - Fri 05 May 2017

When words we say and words we do not say play a bigger part in our lives than ourselves.

My recent visit to The Owl And Cat theatre in Richmond, Victoria has left a mark on my brain and on my heart. To be honest, I am still coming to terms with what I saw at the theatre and what I feel about it. I am lost, confused and overwhelmed.

The play, A Matter of Life and Death directed by Samsara Dunston has only four characters, hardly any props and costumes and takes stage (stageless) right in front of the audience. The audience is divided on blues and yellows. It is all done before the play without any explanation. You are asked to pick a colour and wear a bracelet.That is it. It will all become clear later on.

The short preview - A passenger plane is shot down. A camera is stolen. Someone is strangled and a baby is on the way. Althea, Robbie, Erin and Paul are forced to do some serious reflecting on their personal lives. Who is responsible? Who is not? - does not explain much. However, if you have been following the news last year, you would get an idea what plane it is all about.

Pick a colour, pick a side, right? Wrong. The play takes you to the brink of making a choice then it changes and makes a 180-degree turn and you get lost and confused. Who is right? Who is wrong? Do we have a right to judge? Do we have a right to choose?

A crashed plane, a new baby, news, jobs, candles and shirts, everything and anything becomes so not important comparing to WORDS, lots and lots of words. Characters hide behind them. They use them as shield and radar. They bring them out as a weapon and magic spell. Words are being thrown around as punishment and condemnation.

A Matter of Life and Death is a play worth seeing. It is made, set up and played out in such a way that the words the characters say have so much more meaning and weight than if the play was staged in a different, more conventional setting.

The play runs from now until 5 May and starts at 8 pm. Come early to find parking, get a drink at the nearby bar or at the theatre itself. Tickets are $22/$18 and can be pre-booked over the phone 9088 0249 or purchased online.

For more details on tickets and to book them online, please go HERE .

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