A Frayed Knot at Adelaide Fringe 2018 - Review

A Frayed Knot at Adelaide Fringe 2018 - Review


Posted 2018-02-18 by Temafollow

Sat 17 Feb 2018 - Sun 18 Mar 2018

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Date attended: 17/02/2018

Not one to typically go running to a children's show, A Frayed Knot helped me turn that perspective around by 180 degrees by showing me the importance of appreciating the little things in life. Going with a plus 1 (who was also not a child), we found DADO's performance to be entertaining, magical, and hilarious (to say the least).

With a minimalist set up, DADO brings to the stage just a couple of different sized suitcases, a table, and an iPad to play complementary background music that best showcases his different acts. Words are few, actions are plenty. And these actions do, indeed, speak for themselves! Props used include 2 acrobat pigs, lots of balloons, and an endless supply of balls (to name a few). You are left wondering at the start of each act, but the sense of resolution and the moral message that comes at the end of each act will warm your heart and soul and bring you a sense of joy and happiness.

While the crowd size may have been a bit too intimate for this particular show, DADO worked fabulously under pressure and was able to provide the audience members (parents and kids) with 40 minutes of laughter, simple illusions, and a lot of balloon-esque presents that undoubtedly brought a lot of smiles around in no time.

My only critique would be to re-order the acts in a manner that would allow the children to get acquainted with the unfamiliar environment and person performing in front of them, before introducing any acts that rely on participation points from the audience. Having said that, while the show involves a high level of interactivity, it would help to understand the crucial element of seeing the seemingly frightening-looking hunchback man as one who presents with a very friendly demeanour! There would be no judgment if you'd want to hug DADO for the hard work and effort that he puts into his show. It also helps to go into the show with the mindset that it's going to be strange yet uplifting.

Whether you need a bit of cheering up, have a plus 1 who is an enthusiastic and fun-seeking child, or simply need an excuse to see Gluttony's fun and bubbly hunchback man, A Frayed Knot will deliver on so many levels and leave you wanting more.

A show for anyone and everyone, A Frayed Knot is one that is strange, yet uplifting. It will be playing throughout the Adelaide Fringe season (February 18 - March 18) at La Petite Grande tent in Gluttony. You can book tickets here .

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