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Posted 2017-03-27 by lanaofollow
Zagreb, a small metropolis right in the heart of Croatia, is simply a destination haven; soaked in a fine blend of culture, architecture, music and the vibrancy of a thousand goddesses. The allure of this small city beats even the most coveted coastal attractions in Croatia. From the fine mixture of clean cut Austro-Hungarian architecture with rough edged Socialist structures, to the rich museums and ancient cathedrals, to the 19th Century palaces, the people, the food, the culture, the amazing destinations; Zagreb is definitely a place worth a tick in any bucket list. It comes as no surprise to see the number of visitors accelerating tremendously in recent years.

A day spent in Zagreb is a day well lived. It is a day full of awe, utter adventure and enriching experiences. Zagreb is a city that seems like it was designed for long slow strolls on the streets, savouring espressos over enriching conversations in the full bistros, indulging in life in the numerous entertainment spots, and maybe cooling down over a film or play in the theatre sipping on some traditional strong drinks. Zagreb is an outdoor city year round. It is as if the city just cries out to you to pause, slow down and enjoy life.

If you are a history fanatic, Zagreb is a city that will blow your mind. Zagreb has actually earned itself the name "The City of Museums" as it has more museums per square foot than any other city in the world. You can jump from museum to museum digging into rich culture, art and history while enjoying rides from traditional blue trams in place of trains or red decker buses.

You could also dig in to some decent shopping in the malls and open air markets or take a tour of destinations around the city such as Mirogojl. Mirogoj, which is only a 15 minute drive from Kaptol, is an architectural treasure that represents the resting place of around 300,000 souls from different religious backgrounds and deeply captures Zagreb's richness in history,

In the evening sitting in one of the cafes and just watching the world go by is a simple comforting pleasure that has gained root among the locals. You could also sample delicious dishes such as Strukli in in one of the many richly traditional restaurants around the city. It would be a perfect wrap to end the day off in one of the luxurious clubs or bars. If you'd rather spend a quiet evening indoors, you could sip wine in the balcony of a great hotel just taking in the Spirit of the City. Zagreb offers a wide range of great accommodation spots suitable for all budgets.

If visiting in summer or spring Jarun Lake, which is very close to the heart of the city, is a great place to sail or swim. Sailing in Croatia is the in thing this summer and even though Zagreb is not a sea city it still has the visitors lining up for sailing at Jarun Lake. You could also dance the night away in one of the outdoor lakeside discos sipping rakija, which is a grappa-like fruit brandy. Other popular drinks in Zagreb include honey based medica biska, which is made from mistletoe leaves and orahovica from walnuts. If visiting during the winter, mountain skiing should also be on your bucket list. Mountain Medvenica , which is only a tram (equivalent of bus ride) away from the city, provides a great spot for skiing which is a definite kick of adrenaline filled fun.

However you choose to spend your day in Zagreb, whatever the order of things you choose to do, it is guaranteed that you will have a great time!

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