8 Things Street Food

8 Things Street Food


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8 Things is a funky new healthy eatery in Katoomba. Owner, Misha Laurent has created a street food inspired menu, with the emphasis on fresh and modern flavours from around the world.

What caught my attention with 8 Things was it's bright, clean and uncluttered interior. It looked welcoming and it's handwritten font, whilst a common sight in Sydney, stood out in Katoomba and promised something new and different.

Misha's extensive hospitality career (over 20 years) has taken him around the world. For the past six years, he has called the Blue Mountains home and is well respected as a chef. The tremendous street food he encountered during his travels has culminated in 8 Things. Unsurprisingly, the menu has eight items.

There is a story behind each dish and the flavours have been created specifically for this new concept in quick and easy dining. The Mullum Tofu Fries which are served with sambal oelek and mayonnaise were created whilst Misha was living in Mullumbinby near Byron Bay.

The Munich Leberkase, a crispy bread roll stuffed with pork meatloaf, sauerkraut and German mustard is a homage to his early hospitality career at the Sheraton Hotel in Munich.

The Penang Nasi Goreng was a staple favourite on the menu when he lived in Malaysia.

Each menu item has been chosen to provide a contrast of flavours and 8 Things caters to meat eaters, vegetarians, pescatarians, vegans and the Tokyo Karaage (fried chicken) is gluten free.

I really like the idea of one restaurant serving dishes inspired from different countries around the world. How often have you had the dilemma of craving say Vietnamese and your friend or partner wanting Japanese food? With 8 Things, never have that dilemma again.

I opted for the Casablanca Hotdog which I devoured. It consisted of a grilled lamb merguez sausage with tabouli, harissa and sumac onions in a fresh bread roll. It was a curious mix of spicy, cool, sweet and crispy and I was impressed by how quickly it was presented. I always associate an explosion of flavours with awesome street food and with the Casablanca Hotdog, Misha has taken a classic street food and created a fresh new genre that is heavily influenced from his life experiences and flavour journeys.

8 Things offers customers the option to eat-in or takeaway. Tables were clean, minimalist and designed for people watching. If you decide to eat on the run, there are some magnificent lookouts near Katoomba where you can comfortably sit in your car and admire the view whilst digging into your street food.

The menu will change twice a year, adjusting for Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer.

It's open for lunch Tuesday to Friday from 11am to 4pm and on Saturday from 11am to 5pm.
Closed Sunday and Monday.

There is limited free on-street parking outside and EFTPOS is accepted.

8 Things offers fresh, healthy street food. The modern fast-food dining experience has arrived in Katoomba.

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