50SixOne Kitchen & Dessert Bar

50SixOne Kitchen & Dessert Bar


Posted 2016-09-29 by Temafollow
Freak shakes have always been a massive hit in the United States, and now they have made their way down under!

50SIXONE is a new dessert bar that opened their doors to the public in July and we as customers did not know what we were in for...till now.

Co-owners Simon Flocco and Anthony Canova were inspired to open 50SIXONE after visiting a New York-based dessert place with options of extravagant-looking desserts and shakes. Named after the postcode of the suburb (Hyde Park) where they reside, 50SIXONE has quickly become one of the most talked about spots in Adelaide.

The menu at 50SIXONE is extensive and offers customers with a variety of breakfast, brunch, and lunch options, in addition to Instagrammable shakes, smoothies, and ice creams to choose from.

For drinks, I tried the Oreo Glad To See Me. This is a cookies and cream milkshake with Oreo biscuits attached to the mason jar that it is served in. It also comes with a beautifully dusted Italian doughnut and is an extravagant version of having cookies and milk.

The Pretzels for President is a salted caramel smoothie that comes with pretzel pieces. This is a great drink for someone who doesn't go for overly sweet things, as the saltiness from the pretzels complemented the sweetness from the smoothie.

The Meringue A Tang is a wild berry smoothie with coconut milk topped with crispy meringue. The meringue was well-cooked to present with a crunchy yet soft texture. The fairy floss was sweet and mixed well with the crunchiness of the fresh blueberries in the drink.

Another easy favourite from the menu, Heaven Sent is another freak shake that is bound to please all chocolate lovers and dessert fans. This drink comes with a slice of double chocolate brownie that is drizzled with white chocolate and crushed nuts.The shake is super thick, super milky, and super rich. Definitely not for the faint-hearted, this drink is bound to place you in a state of eternal dessert/chocolate coma of the best kind.

Prior to even trying this drink, my eyes were signalling me to set base in 50SIXONE as I was about to devour a freak shake of epic proportions. The OMG Snap...Chat...That drink is where bubblegum, candy, and rainbows collide. It may look like a messy drink, but it is certainly worth the money if you're into all things sweet. Topped with sour strips, a giant lollipop, and bubblegum-filled goodness, this thick shake is bound to make you spiral into a sugar high that could last days. Be sure to Snapchat this drink because it is an unreal and incredible creation, no doubt.

For those with a serious love for fruit loops, 50SIXONE has concocted A Little Loopy - a vanilla fruit loop thick shake that tastes just as good as it looks! Served with a white chocolate rim covered in sprinkles, this drink is topped with fresh cream and served with skewered fruit loops that you can dip into the drink to your heart's content. It's not as sugary as it sounds (or looks), but it is certainly a drink to try if you're into the loopy stuff.

While 50SIXONE has predominantly gained an exceptional reputation for their shakes, let's not forget that they also serve meals - quite generously portioned, might I add - and they make breakfast and lunch pop out with their colourful combination of ingredients.

Case in point - the Granola Wake Me Up. This delightful dish comes with house-made Granola, mixed berry yoghurt, panna cotta and a fresh array of seasonal fruit. The panna cotta had a brilliant consistency - not too runny, not too hard - and the softness from the yoghurt complemented the crunchiness from the Granola nicely. It's always fun to have some fresh fruit on the side, so this dish is an all-rounder in my books.

Another hearty option of a meal on 50SIXONE's menu is All Things Red. Served with baby beetroot, radish, tomato, capsicum, red chilli and a poached free-range egg, this is a great savoury dish that balances healthy with delicious with red. The egg was poached beautifully and the flavours of the chilli added the tang factor to the capsicum, radish, tomatoes, and beetroots served on the plate.

50SIXONE also offers top-quality ice creams that can be laced in shreds of 14 carat gold foil, rich dark chocolate, and/or camels milk at $55 per paddle pop. Yes, it is an expensive price tag, but that's why you go to 50SIXONE with a large group of friends and share the love! Vegan and gluten-free options are also available, and by the looks of what 50SIXONE dishes out, they love experimenting with the different ingredients and creating new and unique-looking (and tasting) nibbles and drinks.

There are so many reasons that garner 50SIXONE a visit. With some fantastic options of food and drink to choose from, you can sacrifice yourself to the dessert gods as you soak in the sunshine whilst lounging in their outdoor seating area. You can devour some of the most magical sweet-filled creations that 50SIXONE has on offer and enjoy the fresh, delectable goodness that has set base in Hyde Park.

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