50 Things to do in Lockdown

50 Things to do in Lockdown


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Are you running out of ideas on how to pass time at home in lockdown? Here are 50 ideas to get you fit, creative, healthy, and organised!

1. Learn a language for your next holiday
2. Clean and sort your pantry cupboards
3. Join a virtual exercise class
4. Sell or donate pre-loved items on gumtree or eBay
5. Upcycle to reuse materials and reduce our footprint. Here's a place for ideas
6. Cook different recipes from around the world

7. Complete a virtual mindfulness course
8. Sort old clothes and set aside to donate to charity
9. Upskill– by taking a free online course from an Ivy League College
10. Update your CV and cover letter
11. Make homemade crafts to give as gifts
12. Build a birdbath from recycled ice-cream sticks
13. Learn a musical instrument
14. Hold a weekly family board game night
15. Write a journal, short-story, collection of poems, recipe book, or even a novel
16. Enjoy a family picnic in the back yard or in the living room
17. Host a virtual trivia night with friends
18. Pot some plants to bring a bit of nature indoors

19. Organise your digital life by sorting files, deleting photos, and backing up
20. Volunteer in your community
21. Start a blog or YouTube channel
22. Marie Kondo your cupboards
23. Learn the basics of first aid for free
24. Trace your family tree
25. Join virtual after-work drinks with colleagues
26. Plan and book your next holiday
27. Declutter your home and office space
28. Pamper yourself with a DIY mani/pedi/facial
29. Catch up on reading novels, self-help books, or educational texts.
30. Cross-stitch a picture to frame and decorate your home
31. Sort and organise the garden shed
32. Create hard copy photo albums from your digital prints
33. Learn to knit, sew, or quilt, creating something you can wear or use
34. Make your own spice blends. Here are 39 blends and seasonings from Epicurious to try

35. Plant a vegetable patch from kitchen food scraps
36. Rearrange furniture to create peaceful and practical spaces for spending more time at home
37. Learn 105 easy car repairs
38. Camp out in the back yard and start stargazing
39. Make paper from recycled paper
40. Create a recipe book with favourites recipes and include photos alongside
41. Save money and the earth by being more sustainable – here's 46 ideas from Earth Day
42. Play an at-home scavenger hunt. Join The Big Smoke Events or create your own
43. Foster or adopt a rescue pet from RSPCA
44. Paint a picture for your home, or your actual home
45. Listen to free audio-books at Audible
46. Keep in touch with friends and family via regular phone calls
47. Write a letter or postcard to someone far away
48. Make your own tea blend; here's 5 simples ones to inspire you
49. Practice yoga and stretch
50. Relax with your thoughts, a cup of tea, a movie, or whatever you enjoy doing most

Let's keep this boredom buster list growing! Please share what you have been doing in lockdown in the comments below.

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