Picnic, Barbeque or Walk, 5 Ways Kalorama

Picnic, Barbeque or Walk, 5 Ways Kalorama


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It begins with a view overlooking a not too distant Silvan Reservoir. Admiring tree filled vistas, you may consider walking there. Make sure you have a good map, walking boots, drink and maybe a sandwich in a day pack. The steep fire trails may challenge you. You could drive there and walk the short trail through the forest. This is located near the creek at the dam wall, bottom left hand side of the hill. Walking around the park itself is very pretty too.

To walk there is about 4 to 5 kilometres one way from Kalorama and will take over an hour. Please be adequately prepared. Take a coat if the weather looks doubtful, and those walking boots will give you more grip than runners or other shoes. The tracks are very slippery if it is raining or has just rained... BEWARE. For a map and more information from Parks Victoria click here .

What most people don't realise is Barbers Road runs down to the second and third car park of Kalorama Park, 150 metres down from the 5 Ways carpark. Here you will find a number of picnic tables, half of them are under cover with free gas barbeques.

Pretty gardens frame the view, and it is a peaceful and magical place surrounded by forests, missed by most passers-by on the Tourist road... so pretty and charming. Relax and take in the fresh mountain air and the musty aroma of leaves and bark. It is sure to be one of those memorable days filled with fun, sun and views. There is plenty of room for the kids to run around and play, too.

Not far up the road is another easily missed gem. There is a hang glider launch and wild flower walk, with a panoramic view.

You might think it is a ski jump, but looking at the path straight into the trees, you might figure the impact and pain too much. Logic may suggest wings are required to clear the trees.

To find the walk, simply head up Ridge Road, which passes to the right and up behind Viewpoint Cafe. Follow the road past The Ski High turn, and approximately a kilometre further on the right is Ospray Road, which immediately becomes a car park.

The walking trail runs off to the left, and the DC 9 Kyeema crash site immediately right, 50 metres down the track. Follow the track taking the left fork up hill, passing around the locked forestry gate. The gate is just to prevent vehicle access. The track is mostly flat, and graveled.

The right fork takes you along the same direction, and there is a steep descent off to the right that runs down to Glassgow and Liverpool Roads, Kilsyth, at the bottom. It is steep and best tackled in dry weather and wear good walking boots for grip. Running along the top track for maybe 200 hundred metres, you will see native wild flowers, including native orchards in spring and particularly summer.

The launch is on the upper side of the track near the fence of one of the TV towers, and on the right hand side are expansive panoramic views toward Melbourne, suburbs and the bay. The view is framed by gum trees gracing the steep slopes. You can see further on a clear day.

This can be a lovely romantic spot with a torch at night. Don't even think you will be the only ones there. For more tourist information about the Dandenong Ranges click here .

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