5 Strange Versions of The Final Countdown

5 Strange Versions of The Final Countdown


Posted 2024-02-24 by Jennifer Muirheadfollow

The Final Countdown, by Swedish rock band Europe, is an 80s classic. It has lyrics inspired by David Bowie's Space Oddity, and a keyboard riff which is instantly recognisable.

On hearing this song, some people decided to make their own, strange versions of it. I have gathered together some choice examples for you. They're not necessarily cover versions as such, and I won't promise that they are all good, but I have overturned this stone and now I want to show you the wriggly things I found underneath it.

1. Switched to a major key.

This travesty was the creation of Oleg Berg , who apparently makes a habit of this sort of thing. Switching the song from a minor to a major key keeps it equally dramatic, but makes it much more upbeat and optimistic. My husband commented that it's "like a triumphant trumpet voluntary". It is, and I hate it.

2. Played with all the instruments out of tune.

Have you ever wondered what this song would sound like if all of the instruments were out of tune? Well, Pluffnub has the answer for us. I think this version would be great to use in a movie to show a character's deteriorating mental state. My husband said "that, or it's the dramatic battle music for a clown".

3. Kazookeylele

And speaking of clown music, here is a version played on a 'Kazookeylele' (a ukelele with a kazoo attached) by PocketUke . It's actually pretty impressive in a weird way.

If reading the word "kazazookeylele" caused your brain to silently respond with "kazookeylele kalladium of cabbages and kings!" then you and I should be friends.

4. Rubber chicken version

This must have actually taken a lot of skill. King Chicken is very good at what he does, even if what he does is ridiculous. His other covers include Imagine Dragon's Believer and Peaches by Jack Black.

5. Nightcore

The final Final Countdown I have for you is a nightcore remix by Camryn . I suppose if you don't like Nightcore, or just hate people messing with the original song (and if the latter is true I have to wonder why you read this far into this listicle) then it won't be for you, but I think it's awesome. It gets the heart pumping and makes me want to dance.


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