5 of the Most Unique Treats for Dogs

5 of the Most Unique Treats for Dogs


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Dogs are a big part of many families - they're forever our babies, no matter how big they are or how old they get. Of course, it's to be expected that many of us pawrents love spoiling our furbabies with a treat or two (or three or four) from time to time, but with so, so, so many treats out there in the market, it's hard to choose which ones to get! Should one go for the supermarket branded treats, or opt for the slightly more expensive pet shop ones? Or what about homemade treats from your local market? The options are literally endless! Lucky for you, Eddy has literally tried all the different types of treats there are to try, from supermarket ones up to gourmet goodies from the markets and everything in between. Here are our top 5 picks when it comes to the most unique dog treats on the market - you'd be surprised at the different variety of dog treats available, and the resemblance it bears to treats for humans!

[SECTION]Doggy Protein Balls (from Barkballs)[/SECTION]

%%Website: https://www.facebook.com/barkballs/

Price: $15 for 6, $29 for 12

Location: Home delivery (may incur surcharge depending on location), or pick up (Arana Hills)%%

"I injected my vibrant personality into the balls by making each of them colourful, with their own nutritional benefits just for dogs."

Who said protein balls are only for human gym junkies? Dogs being dogs who love running around and having a ball (see what I did there?) need to fuel their energy somehow, right? Established only recently on 30th June 2016, Bark Balls is already making its mark in the world of gourmet dog treats as part of a small business, with over 1,000 followers on Instagram . Bark Balls are plant-powered bliss balls for dogs, made using only fresh and healthy ingredients, with each product carefully hand-rolled into perfectly shaped balls by founder and owner, Jess. Jess, a midwife by day and Bark Ball roller by night, started up Bark Balls after spending some time with a friend's dog that needed some cheering up - Jess wanted something besides the regular dehydrated meat and carob-dipped biscuits for this special guy, in addition to something that reflected her bright personality. And so Bark Balls was born, created using ingredients that Jess already had in her pantry!

There are currently five yummy flavours to choose from, each with their own health benefits:

  • Carobsessed: Carob & Coconut
  • Pupkin Spice: Pumpkin, Oats, & Peanut Butter
  • Quinberry: Quinoa & Cranberries
  • Berry Nutty: Raspberries & Coconut
  • The Tennis Ball: Turmeric & Coconut

  • While Jess is working on getting their website up and running, Bark Balls can be ordered via the messaging function on either Instagram or Facebook ; otherwise, feel free to shoot Jess an email at [email protected]. Each order of Bark Balls, whether you order the 6 pack or the 12 pack, comes beautifully packaged in a simple brown box.

    For those of you who live locally near and around the Arana Hills area, Jess offers home delivery free of charge. For those who live in other areas of Brisbane and surrounds, there will be a delivery fee involved, with price depending on location. Otherwise, feel free to pick up your Bark Balls yourself from Jess in Arana Hills, and have a play date with Luna, Jess' gorgeous Kelpie cross Labrador!

    [SECTION]Cafe Pawridge (from Suburban Pup)[/SECTION]

    %%Website: https://suburbanpup.com.au/

    Price: Single serve ($6.50), or buy in bulk ($5 per single serve)

    Location: Home delivery, pick up (several location options), or purchase from stockists%%

    The health benefits of eating porridge for humans include a healthy and natural source of fibre, help in reducing cholesterol, and even a reduced risk of heart disease. Wouldn't it be great if these same health benefits could be given to dogs too? This is where Suburban Pup comes in, with their amazing product cleverly named 'Cafe Pawridge' - Vin and Brucie's Cafe Pawridge is a super-grain (but wheat, corn & rice-free) raw breakfast treat, with super-food supplements and seasonal fruit flavours. Two serves is all the grain your dog needs in a week, so it makes for a great weekend treat!

    Suburban Pup was founded by Anna, with the vision of helping humans show their dogs they could not love them more - every day. Of course, Anna would not be able to do the amazing work that she does without her chief taster, Vin, and co-chief taste, Brucie - the faces behind the labels, and the dogs behind the product names! In addition to Vin and Brucie's Cafe Pawridge, Suburban Pup also has 4 other equally amazing products to choose from:

  • Vin's Chicken Organics (a lightly-cooked, organic chicken meal that's the perfect transition from dry/canned food to a raw food diet)

  • Vin's Green Turkey Dins (a lightly-cooked, human-grade turkey meal with a distinct green tinge that's low in fat (3%) and low in allergens, with more delicate pup palates and tummies in mind)

  • Bruicie's Beef Rawganics (a raw, organic beef meal based on natural canine diets, but inoffensive to human noses)

  • Brucie's Turkey in the Raw (a raw, human-grade turkey meal that's low in fat (3%) and nice and low in allergens, with flaxseed meal inspired by some of our egg-intolerant pup pals)

  • Suburban Pup offers both pick up or home delivery. For those opting for pick up, choose from The Hound Hutt on the north side (Queensland's best small doggy day care centre), or Wandering Cooks on the south side (commercial kitchen where Suburban Pup products are magically born). If you live down the coast, pick up is also available from Pawsh Pet Spa . Otherwise, Suburban Pup offers home delivery, which is free if you order a 28 meal package - all other orders will attract a $14 delivery fee. For more information on pick up or delivery, click here .

    As a final note, sign up for Suburban Pup 's enewsflash to get $14 off your first order!

    [SECTION]Doggy Ice Cream (from Hugo's Ice Creamery)[/SECTION]

    %%Website: http://hugosicecreamery.com.au/

    Price: $6 per single serve

    Location: Multiple stockists in Brisbane and the Gold Coast%%

    Hugo's Ice Creamery is a small Gold Coast based company "created by dog lovers, for dog lovers" - they offer a range of single serve ice creams that specifically cater for dogs, so that your dog doesn't miss out on enjoying ice cream, arguably one of life's greatest pleasures. In addition to being delicious and the perfect special treat for the spoilt pooch, ice cream on a hot summer day also helps keep them cool. Hugo's Ice Creamery was founded relatively recently in late 2015 after a couple wanted to spoil their puppy Hugo with dog friendly ice cream - to their surprise (and dismay), doggie ice cream wasn't easy to find, and the ones that were appeared "highly processed and not very special".

    "As far as we were concerned, this was a problem that required immediate attention. I mean, how can Australian doggies be expected to go without ice cream? It's hot out there!"

    Despite not knowing much about making ice cream to begin with, the couple purchased a small ice cream machine and began experimenting - lots of research, failed attempts, and guidance from knowledgeable people, they finally arrived at a recipe that worked and tasted great - and so Hugo's Ice Creamery was born. All of their ice creams are lovingly made by hand, using locally sourced ingredients as much as possible. Because most dogs are lactose intolerant, cream/milk is substituted with coconut milk, which is great for dog's health. Because the couple wanted something healthy, they substituted sugar with organic agave nectar. This frozen treat that your pup will be sure to love is both healthy and delicious! Hugo's Ice Creamery has three delicious flavours available, all made using coconut milk, because most dogs are lactose intolerant. Choose from:

  • Peanut butter and bacon
  • Strawberry
  • Salmon

  • [SECTION]Doggie Tea[/SECTION]

    %%Website: http://www.doggietea.com/

    Price: $15

    Location: Multiple stockists all over the world!%%

    "After witnessing how the simple act of mixing different herbs to improve health could excite, I knew this was something I wanted to be involved in!"

    Jenna, founder of Doggie Tea, worked at a natural therapies college with renowned naturopaths, nutritionists and herbalists - it was here she found an "undeniable love" for herbal tea. Fuelled by this love, Jenna launched a range of teas for people under the name 'Me, Myself & Tea' in 2014, to help others feel empowered, self-confident and comfortable in their own skin. But she didn't stop there - as a massive animal lover, Jenna also wanted to do something for our four legged pals too, and so Doggie Tea came into the picture! Jenna works with the philosophy that "happy dogs = happy owners", so in 2015, she started working with a holistic vet, Cherlene Lee from My Vet Animal Hospital , to develop two teas for dogs.

    The two flavours are:

  • Kiss Me Doggie Tea (an antibacterial and antimicrobial tea for dogs that improves doggie breath from the inside out, made using certified organic parsley, ginger root, dill, sage and peppermint leaves)

  • Love Me Doggie Tea (a holistic tea for dogs that improves and maintains your dog's general health and wellness from the inside out, made using certified organic ginkgo, dandelion, dill, Siberian ginseng, rooibos)

  • Making Doggie Tea is as simple as brewing a cup of tea for yourself; the only different is that it's served chilled, not hot.

    1. Place 1 teaspoon of loose leaf tea in a teacup. If you want to be really fancy, you can use an infuser.

    2. Seep in boiled water for 5 minutes

    3. Either place in the fridge/freezer until cool and serve with your pup's favourite treat. Alternatively you can dilute in more water, pour over dry food, make into ice-cubes or use one of the recipes in Doggie Tea's official recipe book - simply sign up to Doggie Tea's newsletter here and they will send the recipe book to your inbox, free of charge.

    [SECTION]Doggie Beer (from L'Barkery and Beerdog's Brewhouse)[/SECTION]

    %%Website: https://www.lbarkery.com/

    Price: Single serve ($6.00), bulk tub ($66.00)

    Location: Online or purchase from stockists %%

    No, it's not actually beer - it's an all-natural healthy faux beer drink for your dog! Made from beef bone stock, beef stock concentrate, maltodextrin and glucosamine, your dog is guaranteed to love the all natural beef flavours made using premium quality, human grade ingredients sourced within Australia. This amazing flavour is complemented with glucosamine, a natural amino sugar that contains anti-inflammatory properties - it supports cartilage regrowth, improves lubrication in joints, increases mobility, and can even help prevent osteoarthritis. Who said 'alcohol' wasn't good for you?

    L'Barkery's doggie beer is cleverly named 'Paw Blonde' (get it??) - it's conveniently packaged in powdered form, so all you need to do is add water and shake. Another benefit of packaging Paw Blonde in powdered form is that, unlike ready-made products, you can store it for up to a year when sealed and used only when needed. Plus, you can spice up the presentation of Paw Blonde - it doesn't have to be a drink. You could freeze it to be served as an icy treat, or even mixed and sprinked with food!

    It's also worth noting that Miss Drew's Bakery (a dog cafe open on the weekends in Melbourne) conveniently packages L'Barkery's Paw Blonde into beer bottles, ready to be served! Isn't the packaging just the cutest? Oh and word has it that L'Barkery is soon releasing their new product, 'Doggy Cider'... the lucky boys got to sample it before it gets released to the public. Trust me, your dogs are going to love it!

    %%(As a final note, L'Barkery also has other super cool powdered products including Puppicino, Barkeraide, Pupsicles, and even Kitticino - for cats!)
    %%Website: http://www.beerdogsbrewhouse.com.au/

    Price: 2 pack ($9.00), 4 pack ($17.60), or purchase from stockists ($7.00)

    Location: Online or purchase from stockists%%

    Just the fact that Beerdog's Bitter has a pug on its label has got me sold - packaged in 330ml glass bottles that are conveniently resealable, this doggie beer is called 'Nectar of the Dogs' due to its premium quality, human grade ingredients; only the best ingredients are used in order to maximise "the best tasting, most authentic beer experience possible". Made from just two ingredients, 100% AQIS certified Australian beef and Ebony Malt, milled from choice 2-row English barley, this beer is all-natural and is 100% safe for your dog. There is no alcohol, and is preservative free. Simply swirl gently before opening to release sediment - if you don't serve it all at once, don't worry, because you can refrigerate for up to 3 days after opening.

    Stockists in Brisbane include:
  • Aloha Hound
  • Pet Cafe Greenslopes
  • Atticus Finch Cafe
  • Have you heard of any of these products prior to reading this article? Which of these treats have you tried? And perhaps most importantly, which treats do you think your furbabies can't wait to get their little paws on? Leave a comment down below and let us know your thoughts!

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