5 Great Comics with Lesbian Characters

5 Great Comics with Lesbian Characters


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1. Jem and the Holograms

Based on Jem, the '80s cartoon full of pink glitter, battles of the bands and shenanigans, Jem and the Holograms is the story of shy singer, Jerrica (I keep wanting to type Jessica, but apparently it's Jerrica, which is totally a real name), who is able to perform with her band via her alter ego, Jem, a hologram projected by a computer created by her father (just go with it). The reboot retains the glamour and glitter of the original but has a bit more diversity among the characters, including people of colour and women of various body types so you can actually tell the female characters apart. There is also an adorable forbidden star-crossed romance between the Holograms' keyboard player and songwriter, Kimber, and Stormer, the keytar player from the rival band, The Misfits (a romance which, incidentally, was there in the original cartoon if you paid attention). It's nice to see Stormer and Kimber finally free to be themselves. Rock on, sisters!

2. Deadwater

Written and drawn by Jen Vaughn, of The Secret Loves of Geek Girls and Descendants 2, Deadwater is a one-shot Western tale with a difference. Marisol lives in the remote town of Deadwater with her father, who makes a living guiding groups of settlers through a dangerous mountain pass. One day Marisol finds an injured settler named Sven and carries him home to nurse him back to health. When Sven's sister, Hilde arrives to claim him, the two women fall for each other. Hilde concocts a desperate plan to marry Marisol's father so the two of them can be together. Marisol does not like the idea, but a lot of strange things can happen out in such a remote location.

3. The Wedding Heist

The Wedding Heist is a one-shot fantasy romance story created by Molly Brooks. It's the wedding day of His Royal Highness Prince Nicholas of Geöm and Grand Duchess Iulia of the Wapiti Archipelago. Neither the bride nor groom seem to be happy about the match, which has been arranged for political reasons. Fortunately, the bride's friends from finishing school have her back and will see that everything works out as it should.

4. Lumberjanes

Miss Qiunzilla Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet's camp for hard-core lady-types is not your typical summer camp. The girls of Roanoke cabin learn a lot of things during their stay, from battling demons to the importance of loyalty and friendship. The series also features a growing romance between Mal, the one with the side shave and Molly, the one with the coonskin cap. Lumberjanes is a fun story full of adventure, and since it has very little violence and no strong language, it is suitable for younger readers.

5. Rat Queens

The Rat Queens are a gang of adventurers, comprised of the human cleric, Dee, the Elven mage, Hannah, Dwarf fighter, Violet and Halfling thief, Betty. Together this foul-mouthed gang beat up monsters and bad guys and take their stuff. Betty, the halfling, or Smidgen, thief, with blond dreads and a fondness for candy and hallucinogens, is a proud lesbian who is briefly in a relationship with a human woman.


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