5 Cozy Games To Watch Out For

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Posted 2023-09-24 by Marisa Quinn-Haisufollow
Photo from Pounce Light

A good cozy game can feel like a comforting hug. In this article I will be listing some of the cozy games that should hopefully be coming to consoles and mobile sometime between 2023 and 2024 that I think are worth keeping an eye out for because they look a lot of fun.

1. Tiny Glade

Developer: Pounce Light with sound and music by NokNok Audio
Genre: Causal building game
Platforms: PC (Windows, Linux)
Expected Release Date: 2024
For more information visit the links below:
Tiny Glade on Steam
Pounce Light - Tiny Glade

Tiny Glade is a casual building game similar that encourages the player to draw and customise their own medieval castles and create adorable medieval dioramas situated in leafy green meadows. Tiny Glade is the debut game of a small Swedish indie studio called Pounce Light. It is currently in active development and scheduled for release sometime in 2024 on Windows and Linux. There will no management, no combat, no resources, and no wrong answers. I am so intrigued by this game. The trailer is so pleasant to watch and does a great job selling me on the premise of this game. The act of doodling a castle looks so calm and chill. I love how the animation looks and the tiny little details that they’ve added like vines that grow on walls, fluffy white sheep, arched walls and windows, paths that cut through long grass, winding wooden fences, butterflies and fireflies, and windows that light up at night.

2. Camper Van: Make It Home

Developer: Malapata Studio
Genre: Zen Puzzle/Life Simulation
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Mobile, Nintendo Switch
Expected Release Date: To Be Announced
For more information visit the links below:
Camper Van: Make it Home - Kickstarter Campaign
Malapata Studio - Camper Van: Make It Home

When I first saw the trailer for this game I got really excited because it looked a lot like Unpacking which is a game that I absolutely loved. Camper Van: Make It Home is a cozy puzzle game that invites the player to decorate and create a space for all of their personal belongings inside a camper van. The game is being developed by Malapata Studios for Windows, Mac, Mobile and Nintendo Switch. It hasn’t got a release date yet but has been generating a lot of positive buzz online since the release of the trailer. The premise of the game is simple. The player has to unpack their luggage and find the perfect spot to fit each item into the camper van using block organisation puzzles. You can take as long as you like to unpack your things and discover all of the interactive objects inside your campervan. It looks delightful.

3. Paper Trail

Developer: Newfangled Games
Genre: Puzzle Adventure
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Steam, Playstation, Xbox, Apple, Android
Expected Release Date: 2024
For more information visit the links below:
Paper Trail on Steam
Paper Trail Official Website

Paper Trail is a top-down puzzle adventure from New Fangled games about leaving home and exploring beautiful worlds made out of paper. The main protagonist of the game is a girl named Paige who has done very well at school and has been offered a place at university. After bidding farewell to her family, she sets off on an epic journey, across a landscape made out of patterned pieces of paper. In the game the player must use unique paper folding mechanics to drag and fold paper to create a path to help them progress to the next level. Paper Trail has received over 25 award nominations and wins and is expected to launch on consoles and mobile sometime in 2024.

4. Tiny Bookshop

Developer: Neoludic Games
Genre: Cozy narrative management game
Platforms: PC , Mac, SteamOS, iPad
Expected Release Date: To Be Announced
For more information visit the links below:
Tiny Bookshop on Steam
Tiny Bookshop - Neoludic Games

Tiny Bookshop is a cozy narrative management game about moving to a seaside town and becoming part of the community by selling books out of a mobile bookshop. It is in current development by Neoludic games for PC, Mac, SteamOS, and iPad. It does not have a release date yet but has been creating a lot of positive buzz online and at gaming conventions. Tiny Bookshop promises to be a low-stress, relaxing game that will let you live out your dream of owning a mobile bookshop. You will be able to customise your tiny bookshop, stock it with different books and items, and set up shop in a different scenic location each day where you will get to know the locals. I think this game looks really interesting. I like the premise, the gameplay looks relaxing, and the graphics are bright and charming.

5. Quilts and Cats of Calico

Developer: Monster Couch
Genre: Puzzle game
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Windows, Mac, Steam
Expected Release Date: 2023
For more information visit the links below:
Quilts and Cats of Calico on Steam
Quilts and Cats of Calico Official Website

Quilts and Cats of Calico is a cozy puzzle game about meeting cats, collecting buttons, and making a quilt from different scraps of patterned fabric. The game is an adaptation of the award-winning puzzle board game Calico. It is being developed by a studio called Monster Couch with a tentative release date of 2023 for Nintendo Switch, Windows, Mac and Steam. The game will feature a solo mode with varying difficulty levels. There will also be a story mode campaign and a cross-platform multiplayer mode where you will be able to invite friends and play ranked matches against random players online. There will also be weekly challenges to complete in and player rankings. You will be able to have lots of fun with cats in Quilts and Cats of Calico. The game will let you create your own cat, give it a name, choose the colour of its fur, and give it an outfit. You will be able to interact with the cats during the game, pet them, or shoo them away if they wander onto the board game while you’re trying to make your quilt. I think this game looks fun. I like the concept of connecting tile-shaped pieces together to make a quilt and the cats look very cute.

What did you think of some of the games featured in this list? If you are interested in reading more about cozy games I recommend checking out my article The Best Cozy Games on the Nintendo Switch.

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