3rdHand Treasures Antique Store

3rdHand Treasures Antique Store


Posted 2020-10-11 by Sue Stubbsfollow
I have an odd connection to Gympie. I'd visited as a child on our annual road trip to see family in the Burnett region. In the last few years, I've passed through when visiting friends in the area. And through a random 'six degrees of separation' sequence of events, I am now following one of the local councillors on Facebook.

Despite this, I haven't recently stopped in Gympie and had a look around. What a mistake that has been. My first discovery is the 3rd Hand Treasures antique store at 33 Tozer Street.

I love wandering around an old building, poring over rusty, weather-worn or simply aged pieces and gasping with delight at kitchen knick-knacks my mother or grandmother used to have. They are pieces of history that give a snapshot of life two generations ago. Often I am thrust back to my childhood and can smell the wood fire in my grandparents' burner as they brewed the tea...strong enough to bog a fly.

That's what this place offers. The ladies in charge are super friendly and have a wide and wonderful selection of items which are often posted on their Facebook page so make sure you like it to keep updated. There is a lot of stock but it is all well laid out so you can see without having to rummage. I managed to find a proper tablespoon which now has pride of place next to the little tin teapot I remember my mother using.

3rd Hand Treasures have a large range of vintage and antique furniture as well as glassware and cool items from the 1970s. There is so much to look at, it is a visual feast.

If you work up an appetite or need a coffee boost, just walk across the road to the Rusty Rails Café at the historic Gympie Train Station where the Mary Valley Rattler is based. Great food and atmosphere. Check out my review of the café. I'm pretty sure Gympie has a lot of other treasures to offer the traveller, so instead of turning off onto Tin Can Bay Road, why don't you make a point of stopping in and having a browse.

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