13SICK - Bulk-billed after-hours home visit Doctors

13SICK - Bulk-billed after-hours home visit Doctors


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Have you heard of Brisbane's after-hours doctor service through 13SICK?

See a doctor from the comfort of your own home with Australia's largest and most trusted Medicare bulk-billed after-hours service.

Don’t wait for your GP to open. If you or your child need to see a doctor after hours or on weekends, 13SICK doctors are working in Brisbane and can visit you.

Open every night from 6pm until 8am, all weekend from midday Saturdays and all day and night on public holidays, there are doctors on the road in Brisbane ready to help.

If you've got a sick child but it’s not an emergency, a home doctor visit through 13SICK can give you peace of mind through the night, or on the weekend without the trip to the emergency room.

Don't risk waiting or following 'Google advice' from your online research. Get medical advice directly from a doctor by contacting 13SICK.

This after-hours service is completely bulk-billed and does not require a credit card if you have a valid Medicare card.

More about 13SICK's home doctor service

What areas do the doctors visit?
13SICK is a national service, with face to face appointments available in a number of areas, including Brisbane, and telehealth appointments available everywhere.

How long will I have to wait?
Waiting times for telehealth appointments vary depending on demand, but 13SICK is committed to continually increasing their services to meet the after-hours care needs of Brisbane and keeping wait times low.

If your medical need is an emergency, please call 000 or visit an emergency department. If not, go to the 13SICK website www.13sick.com.au to book a 13SICK face to face doctor visit or telehealth call, alternatively book by calling the 13SICK on 137425.

How much does a telehealth appointment cost?
The 13SICK after-hours home doctors and telehealth services are completely bulk-billed through Medicare. If you have a Medicare card, you won't need to provide credit card details or payment of any kind.

Is a home-doctor visit really going to help?
If you’re on the fence about whether to take your child to the hospital or not sure whether to wait for the GP to open, contacting 13SICK gives you access to the best of both options.

You can see a doctor in the comfort of your home, without having to make a late-night trip to an emergency room, still getting the medical advice and care that you need.

Using 13SICK means you can avoid hours in emergency departments with other sick patients, or the long wait on the weekend until your GP opens. Their trusted and highly trained doctors can see you after-hours in the comfort of your own home or can talk to you through telehealth consultations.

Find out more: https://13sick.com.au

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