123 Cake - Cake Decorating Café

123 Cake - Cake Decorating Café


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123 Cake is the first cake decorating cafe in Australia and we can only hope that it starts a chain reaction. This place is sweet and quirky and loads of fun. It certainly brings a lot of smiles and colour to a cafe experience. Well it's not really a cafe as much as it is a seamless merge between cake decorating and a space to enjoy your creation with a hot or cold drink.

Very new to the strip this place is the brainchild of two high school friends who wished to bring a South Korean inspired themed cafe to Australia. Apparently themed cafes are all the rage there with the hostess telling us about a cafe with a wedding attire dress code. After only three months on Victoria Street it seems that Melburnians are embracing the idea and are coming from near and far to experience this hot spot. Particularly popular with after dinner diners who wander down from one of the local restaurants to make their own dessert.

It really is as simple as 123 cake! You first decide if you're going to decorate a cupcake, a medium cake or full sized cake. Then you choose your flavour, carrot, chocolate, vanilla spice, vanilla sponge or red velvet. We decided on the classic chocolate and having just recently devoured it I am keen to give the others a go because it was scrumptious!

Part two of the process is choosing your icing flavour which is a big decision with many available options, mint, chocolate, citrus, rose and even lemon and pretty violet purple. Somehow I agreed to let my kids go for the bright blue bubblegum. The icing bag is packed tight certainly enough for a couple of decorators to share and in fact sharing is highly encouraged so you can have extra ingredients to play with giving you greater decorative choices, and makes it less expensive as well.

Finally and probably the trickiest part is choosing the decorations and there are many. Rows and rows of little pots filled with sprinkles and glitter in every shade, colour and size. They look so irresistible in the packaging it's hard to choose. Then there are edible decorations to top your cupcake or cake. Everything from themes such as skulls and witches for Halloween to rock candy, turtles and 2D butterflies that look to good to eat. There are letters too for spelling out names or a message or just to personalise your own masterpiece. My kids went for hot pink sprinkles and a dog and owl to adorn the mountain of blue bubblegum icing they were about to smother all over their delicious cupcake.

Once you have collected all your goodies it's off to a table with a lazy Susan set in the centre to get started. There are also spatulas for spreading and small tweezers to help get that crucial positioning just right. What's particularly fabulous is that there are no mistakes at 123 Cake. If you accidentally zigged instead of zagged, placed a flower where a swirl should be or the effect just has not lived up to what you envisioned, you simply lick it off and start again! Don't eat the cake or decorations though, just the icing.

Finally when you have completed your cake then it's time to enjoy. Choose to sit in this retro and kitschy cafe and have your tea in a teacup or there is the option to take it away with a little box provided for safe and clean transportation.

Cupcakes cost $3.50 each or $4.00 for the gluten free option and then it's $2 for a bag of icing. Decorations are priced according to their complexity and are placed under labels such as green, yellow and blue. These will help you decide what price point you want to stick too. It's not a cheap activity but this is when it's best to bring a few cake decorators along and buy and share different icings, sprinkles and toppers. In fact you can even throw a party here for as little as $10 a guest.

So after two chocolate cupcakes with hot pink sprinkles, bright blue bubblegum frosting and some extra sugary touches have been consumed with glee I'm going to enjoy a calming peppermint tea before the sugar hit of all times rushes through the bodies of both my kids and the peace is shattered.

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