12 Gold Bars - A Celebration of Status Quo

12 Gold Bars - A Celebration of Status Quo


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Fri 24 May 2024 - Sat 27 Jul 2024

Hear the songs of Status Quo that marked several generations of music as they are interpreted in a new show called 12 Gold Bars: A Status Quo Celebration.

About Status Quo
Status Quo was formed in London, with two singer-guitarists, Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt. They went on to become one of Britain's longest-lived rock bands with music sometimes described as "boogie rock" and a 12-bar blues approach to their songs. Throughout their career, the band have sold approximately 108-118 million records worldwide.

Devotees of the English rockers will know that Status Quo released an album called 12 Gold Bars in 1980 which was a compilation of some of their greatest hits. It featured songs including "Roll Over, Lay Down", "Rockin All Over The World" and "Down Down"

So it seems only natural that when an Australian band when looking to celebrate the band's music would take the name '12 Gold Bars' in their honour.

The band features:
  • James Morley, ex-Angels and Choirboys
  • Pete Robinson from the Russell Morris Band
  • Eddy Santacreu and David Kirby from Queen Orchestrated

  • I asked James about the upcoming 12 Gold Bars Show.

    What excited you about paying tribute to Status Quo and the idea for creating the show?
    I grew up on Quo in England during the 70s. They were a staple diet for me as a youngster so getting to play these classics with a band is something special.

    You have brought together several artists to form the band. How did the collaboration come about?
    It started with myself and Pete Robinson. Pete is a prolific player who has performed with many iconic musicians in Australia, but he confessed to me his lvoe for Quo, and the idea grew from there a year or so ago.

    Status Quo has had a career spanning several decades. What is it about the band and its music that continues to interest and excite audiences across generations?
    They 2019re a bit like AC/DC in the way that if you 2019re a fan, you know what to expect. It's just blues-based rock n roll, but it makes you feel good and brings back memories.

    There are so many hits, but which song in particular do audiences react well to?
    I think 'Rockin All Over The World' and 'Caroline' are the two that send people into rapturous glee.

    You can catch 12 Gold Bars throughout May to July at:
    Friday, May 24 2024: Ravenswood Hotel 2013 RAVENSWOOD, WA
    Saturday, May 25 2024: Charles Hotel 2013 NORTH PERTH, WA
    Friday, May 31 2024: Memo Music Hall 2013 MELBOURNE, VIC
    Saturday, June 1 2024: Bunjil Place 2013 NARRE WARREN, VIC
    Friday, June 21 2024: Twin Towns Services Club 2013 TWEED HEADS, NSW
    Saturday, June 22 2024: Princess Theatre 2013 BRISBANE, QLD
    Friday, July 26 2024: Lizottes 2013 NEWCASTLE, NSW
    Saturday July 27 2024: The Pavilion 2013 SUTHERLAND, NSW

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