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Michaelie Clark, could you tell me the name of the painting in your article, plz? Who painted that, or your masterpiece? I very like that! So fascinated!
by langt (score: 0|4) 284 days ago
Great Article I get my partner to do the housework naked,and take pics for a laugh
by sphin0 (score: 0|4) 1639 days ago
I really enjoyed your article Mchaelie, it was very amusing. Well done.
by CassandraJoy (score: 2|990) 775 days ago
Wonderful article and well written! Love your sense of humour :)
by Fiona Anderson (score: 2|832) 830 days ago
Fantastic article. True & accurate ways we can all enjoy our nude bodies.
by berry (score: 0|4) 1006 days ago
Fantastic article. True & accurate ways to enjoy our nude bodies.
by berry (score: 0|4) 1006 days ago
by Angela Moran (score: 1|14) 1331 days ago
Eat Something Messy? Take it to another level - try a ripe, juicy mango; in the shower with your lover!!
by jeane (score: 0|6) 1391 days ago
I love how your article flows - the language is effortless and so entertaining! Definitely my most favourite read so far!

Keep up the excellent work!
by Xarah FJS (score: 2|583) 1391 days ago
Very funny article, and so cleverly written.
by Helenonthesofa (score: 2|655) 1470 days ago
I just came across this article and like the others above, I love it!
by Julie White / Pictorial Girl (score: 2|775) 1495 days ago
The ultimate thing to do when naked: put on some clothes...
by anse (score: 1|81) 1632 days ago
I love these suggestions! I plan to do at least one per week. Dont forget Confest. Best clothes optional experience ever.
by anna.11 (score: 0|8) 1633 days ago
You are indeed a mystic, Michaelie. This is the most hilarious and wittily written article I've seen for a long time, possibly ever. You had me laughing throughout, especially at your term "nudie no-no" (I wish I'd thought of it).

I laughed most at your last one - I love the concept of writing letters of complaints sans pants - maybe it's because in the dark, dark past it was my job to answer letters of complaint.
by Sue Williams (score: 2|737) 1633 days ago
Just two days ago I photographed my first body painted Model! We had a great shoot together and our artist did a wonderful job with the body paint. I've also done a photo shoot with a lady only covered in hundreds and thousands.
It's a great way to have some fun, do something different and become more relaxed with your body. If anyone's interested in doing a tasteful implied/nude photo shoot you can email me at
I am located in the Ipswich Area. I hope everyone has a great day!
by chaka (score: 0|7) 1633 days ago
Michaelie, are you bored? Umm nudism. Skinny dipping at a secluded beach is fun. Other than that I can think of very little that I like to do without my clothes. Some people I know did nude modelling when studying to add a little extra cash to their tiny student living allowance. My mother, in fact used to call me and ask in her most commanding voice if I was nude modelling. I was at the time concerned for her wellbeing, that somehow she would believe that I would be an exhibitionist. It may well have been her own desires to be such a bohemian art model, as I am a prude and would consider my body, my private domain. Very well written though.:)
by Jody Kimber (score: 2|829) 1633 days ago
by Laura Bridgestock (score: 0|8) 1637 days ago
Very funny! Where is your head that you think up things like this??? I actually laughed out loud.
by pjpjc (score: 1|23) 1639 days ago
Awesome article. Your writing style (and ideas) are so entertaining - I love it.

You could take the first suggestion – nude artistry – a step further and paint yourself. Cover yourself in colour, using face-and-body paint. Or get even more adventurous and experiment with henna patterns.

Of course, it’s much easier to paint someone else than it is to tint your own tushy, but that requires an equally nude-friendly painting partner.

When you’re finished being decorated, take a photo or two of your handiwork. The nudie no-no in this case would be sharing that photo at work, or on facebook. This is one for the private collection.
by Jacky Bailey (score: 2|215) 1640 days ago
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