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How to Meet and Greet One Direction

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Published October 5th 2012
There's one common dream that most Directioners share, they just want the chance to meet and greet the One Direction boys. With millions of fans all over the globe, it can sometimes seem like you've got a better chance of winning the lottery than you do to shake hands with or to hug Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, or Zayn.

So we've decided to write up a list of ways you could possibly meet the boys.

1. Win a Competition
If you're lucky enough to find one, and then win it, this is your surefire way of meeting the lads. They're not the most common competitions, but they do happen. One lucky Australian, Jacinta, was flown to the UK thanks to Hot30, where she got to meet them all and watch their concert.

Listen to radio shows like Nova, 2DayFM, SAFM, B105, Fox FM and 92.9 - they're the ones most likely to be offering tickets. A competition like this will be fairly well advertised, so it's best to check their websites regularly as well.

Magazines like Dolly and Girlfriend are also good places to check, once again both in the magazines and online. You can also check out the website Win Free Stuff to see if they have anything on their database.

2. Write to One Direction
Okay, okay, you'd have to be pretty lucky to score a meet and greet just by sending them a letter or email. The boys must get bucket loads of fan mail, and we'll never know if they even get a chance to read it all. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

Send them a letter and let them know just how much you'd like to meet them. It won't work for everyone, but stars definitely have visited fans before after receiving a letter that touched their heart. It could happen. The key is to be creative, but be truthful. Make your letter and your story stand out.

If that fails, write to Ellen. That lady has magic powers, maybe if you plead your case well enough you could end up meeting both One Direction and one of the best talk show hosts around.

If you want more tips on writing a letter to one direction, why not check out our article How to Write to One Direction.

3. Write for a Magazine or Newspaper
Given the fact that most Directioners are still in high school, this one could be a bit tricky. It's not likely that you work at Dolly in your spare time. Even if you're not a staff writer (props to you if you are), remember that plenty of mags use outside writers to cover specific topics.

Pick a magazine, newspaper, or TV show who are likely to interview 1D when they're in the county and try and convince them why you should do the interview.

Here's a tip, don't send them a pitch that sounds anything like this:

"OMG I should ttly rite for u coz I luff 1D & I'm a Directioner for lyf"

Put a creative pitch together, and explain to them just why they should let a 14 year old interview one of the biggest bands in the world instead of their star reporter. Plenty of magazine stars have been hired thanks to their ability to show off their skills with flair, and convince someone that they have exactly what it takes.

If you can convince them it will make a great story, they just might run with it.

4. Start a Petition
There are plenty of times that One Direction have held signings, sure it may not be the chance for a long one on one chat, but it's still a chance to meet them. Unfortunately Australia hasn't been as lucky. So why not start a petition?

Whether it's just creating a Facebook group, or using an actual petition website like The Petition Site. If your group starts to gain momentum, contact your local media, they seem to lap up petitions for celebrities. If you can get your petition supported by enough people it might be enough to convince One Direction to do a meet and greet in Australia.

One thing to keep in mind: If someone has already created a Facebook group, join theirs rather than making your own. Sure you might not get all the fame, but 1 group with 5000 members is a lot more impressive than 5 groups with 1000 members each.

5. Stalk in Style
If you're lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, you could always 'bump into' the 1D boys. Why be a member of thousand deep screaming crowd, when you could be the girl who 'accidentally' crashes into Harry Styles?

If you've got the skills to find out where One Direction will be at anyone time, why not try and go for the accidental meet and greet?

The key is to not stand out as an overly enthusiastic Directioner. Screams and squeals while holding up an 'I LOVE ZAYN' sign won't be particularly inconspicuous, and are more likely to get you shielded away by a minder. Act casually and you never know what could happen.

A word of warning: 'accidentally' cutting off a lock of anyone's hair is a little bit creepy. You want a chance to meet them, not a chance to get locked up.

If you're lucky enough you might actually run into one of them by chance, just like these lucky girls did in the US.

It can sometimes be a fine line between serious fan, and serious stalker, but there is no harm in having a dream or two. If you've got a combination of luck, talent, and creativity, there is every chance you could score the meet and greet you've always dreamed of.

If you can think of other creative ways to score a meet and greet with One Direction tell us all about them in the comments. Or if you've had a chance to meet them share your story.
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Why? It's every Directioner's dream
When: They're in Australia 2013, Start preparing now
Where: Wherever One Direction Are
Cost: Hopefully free
Your Comment
How in the world do you write a letter to One Direction?
by lewol (score: 0|8) 1254 days ago
I just wanna meet them for the fun of it. Yea I think there great singer and hot and all but the act so funny and random like just like me I just wanna live while I'm young and have some awesome fun with some awesome teenagers. I just hope I can meet them before they get really old then retire and nobody like them anymore :) who am I kidding any way just wanna meet him for fun!!!! Hardy har har!! But I also have a question, did you guys seriously put you can try to stalk them and 'accidentally' bump into them kinda creepy if you ask me. Anyway (again god I talk a lot) just wanna meet for fun though I think I might kill them from all my talking and weirdness and then ppl will hate me..... Oh well it's for a good cause. They also make me fell... Okay.. About my insecurities, especially with little things love that beautiful song god am I still typing stop it stop it okay I'm done sorry for boring you :/ ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY MONEY MONEY omg am I still writing crap :/
by NinaA (score: 0|5) 1121 days ago
I've just read this and I am writing a letter to One Direction with my story because What Makes You Beautiful actually saved my life....
I hope they read it!
by beani (score: 0|5) 1265 days ago
to write a letter to one direction you just go to this website: and click on Contact Us. it tells you the email address and normal address. it says to send a fan letter or email just label the letter with one direction. Good Luck and plead your case good!
by sofie (score: 0|5) 1224 days ago
i really wish that i could meet them and be and go to one of your concerts but i dont know there address...does anyone know it?
by thing (score: 0|5) 1224 days ago
Ive always wanted 2 meet 1D bcuz my parents hav always believed in ed. (not like skool is rong or anything) instead of going 2 those concerts ive nvr been 2 1 b4 and 2 actually c the boy group tht inspires me 2 b me and always live life to the fullest theyre my role models and 2 actualy get 2 talk 2 them i love them so much!! :D
by nkarg (score: 0|5) 1200 days ago
how do you stalk them if you dont know where they will be??? like do they post on twiitter when they are gonna have signings or what?! ive tried stalking them but i can never find them!!!
by 645sm (score: 0|5) 1197 days ago
If I ever meet one direction that would make me so happy! You rock one direction
by A2cnt (score: 0|7) 1194 days ago
im kind of poor aswell but you still shouldnt give it up, im not, it makes me sad when ppl give up on big things =<
by leahj (score: 0|5) 1091 days ago
ill never meet them.There's nothing i want more...atleast just a normal conversation, where i tell them how i became a directioner...but im really Poor and i live in a place where NOTHING and NOONE Comes...I Guess ill just go back to writting fanfics and pretending...But ill always support them!! Forvever and always! Goodbye thanks whoever read this and sorry for boring you with my sappy note. xxx
by diana (score: 0|3) 1130 days ago
Take a look at this great plea a group of girls made for Ellen to help them meet One Direction: Love it!
by Natasha Stewart (score: 3|9482) 1226 days ago
This girl was lucky enough to get her dad on board:

It's always handy when you have a parent with a car willing to help you track them down. ;)

It's a lovely video.
by Natasha Stewart (score: 3|9482) 1316 days ago
I really want to see them in person soooo bad!!!!!!! They are the best singers in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I saw them i would probably scream to the top of my lungs and hug them like 50,000 times each!!!!
by frick (score: 0|5) 1255 days ago
I love you One Direction!And I "want you so desperately"!"You don't knooo, you don't know you're my big dream!"
by chloe (score: 0|5) 1234 days ago
Eek what did you say?!!!
by hmcla (score: 0|5) 1237 days ago
cool, but that wont work. You didnt even tell us their emails or ellens!
by laure (score: 0|3) 750 days ago
I would love to meet One Direction that would make me so happy Im a huge fan of them
by tg859 (score: 0|2) 609 days ago
what address would u write to them at
by maryl (score: 0|4) 1059 days ago
does anyone no where niall is right now? i no hes in london and the rest of the group r taking a break but i am quite close to london...anyone no??
by auror (score: 0|4) 625 days ago
I LOVE ONE DIRECTION I'M A BIG DIRECTIONER!!!<3I live in nova scotia canada
by nicol (score: 0|2) 1064 days ago
I live in Hawai'i... Do you think they'd be willing to do a meet and greet on the Big Island?!?!
by fiona (score: 0|2) 1067 days ago
i wish i can meet them in my room its all one direction not even one spot you can see my bed is one direction my decks and a lot of posters! im your biggest fan.i just want to say i want to grow up like you.i just wish i can see you in concert your my favorite band in the world. if i couldn't hear it ten one direction songs a day i will faint! i want to sing like you guys when i grow up. some day i hope i can come to your concerts!i really want to meet you guys some day.the main thing i want to say is your the best. :)
by winxc (score: 0|2) 1081 days ago
I love u guys his name is louis
by roxan (score: 0|0) 607 days ago
I love alll one direction my dream iz to be a singer and I'm 14 the first thing is I want to do a music video wit one direction and chill all the days wit them and write alll songs with them I love harry by one point but I lov one direction ima marry harry
by crist (score: 0|2) 1111 days ago
i love this page and i really love onedirection
by Madison Keller (score: 0|2) 1120 days ago
im not from Australia. I happened to stumble across the article.... one of my top dreams is to meet them at the moment so how do any of you suggest I get tickets or meet them when I don't have a bunch of money.......
by dance (score: 0|2) 1058 days ago
They're such inspirations, they put so much fun and joy in my life ! The way they influenced my life is undescribable, they're so cool and i love their music. Whenever I am in a really good mude I just love to dance in a crazy way while listening to I Want. They are so amazing! I've always wanted to meet them, to hug them all and to say a personal 'Thank you' for brighten every single day of my life with their flawless songs and video-tour-diaries and tweets and all that stuff :) I've tried a couple of times, I entered a few contests and I'm still entering :) I sent a message to some radio stations here and I hope they reply! I've also sent a massive fanbook to the management last month and I still hope they'll have a look at it :) My parents think concert tickets are too expensive and the concerts are too far away that's why I'm not able to go there and a good reason to win a meet&greet :) I've been trying for a year now but I won't give up! Never give up guys, there is always a chance to win this! Just be patient and fight for your goal and I promise you guys, it'll happen <3 lots of love frm germany ~ nessy
by nessy (score: 0|2) 1050 days ago
I sent a message to Ellen telling her that I wrote a little song and wrote it in the message. Do you think my story is good enough to meet them.(please be honest)
by leiya (score: 0|2) 851 days ago
Great ideas, seriously, I'll probably use some of these! Freak Out And Love 1D ~~Leah
by lol (score: 0|2) 856 days ago
They are jusy so talented loving careing kindhearted beautifulminded smart playfull shy cool yhey are cute and adorible awsome. They are extodaharry amazayn brillam fabulouis and phenominiall.... I will always love one direction forever and forever more. I will.always be a directioner. I once ipod for.looking up one direction tooooo much thats the.truth.when ever i get a one direction poster thats double sided im like no women in the world deserves this. No one is alowed to hate beacause they care about there fans with out us there would be noooo one one direction eppp they are so many other words then the ones i.said (nice words)..,they help me through bullying yeah there that amazing.._summer sears
by summe (score: 0|4) 860 days ago
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